UniSender integration with ModX Evolution

Component for ModX Evolution integration is intended to make a fast transfer of registered users list into UniSender in order to arrange emailing campaigns.


In order to install and setup the module follow the step-by-step guide:

Step 1. Select Components tab in the website admin panel.

 UniSender integration with ModX Evolution

Step 2. Select Files management in the menu and go to assets folder in the file manager, then select modules folder.

 UniSender integration with ModX Evolution

Step 3. Select unisender_for_modx_evo.zip file (you can download it by clicking on a link on the bottom of this page) and press download.

Step 4. After downloading, the file unisender_for_modx_evo.zip will show on the file list. Press on Extract file icon opposite the file.

Step 5. Go to the Modules tab, select Modules management in menu and press the New module button.

 UniSender integration with ModX Evolution

Step 6. Fill out the form that opens:

  • Module name: UniSender;
  • Description: emailing service;
  • Module code: include_once(MODX_BASE_PATH.'assets/modules/unisender/unisender.module.php').

 UniSender integration with ModX Evolution

Step 7. Go to Configuration tab and in the Module configuration field paste the following:


&us_module_api_key=api key unisender;input;INSERT_YOUR_API_KEY

&us_module_count_records=the number of records to be exported to a single query;input;400

 UniSender integration with ModX Evolution

and press on Update parameters. In the parameters block that pops up change the INSERT_YOUR_API_KEY parameter to the key received from UniSender and press on Save.

UniSender integration with ModX Evolution

Step 8. Now UniSender shows in the module list.

 UniSender integration with ModX Evolution

Step 9. Reload the page and go to Modules tab. Now UniSender item appears in the menu. Go to UniSender in the menu and select the data for transfer, define the campaign list and press on Transfer.

Technical support, plugin installation and customization consulting is provided by the plugin developer.

* Module is in the process of testing. Errors might occur during the module operation.