UniSender integration with Class365

Integration of Class365 with UniSender

Integration module enables to use UniSender emailing and SMS messaging without leaving the Class365 interface.

Class356 allows to manage customer relations, control the payments between the contract parties, as well as to to raise the employees working efficiency.

Besides, our users can handle inventory, sales and financial accounting in the system, integrate with their own online shop, receive and send mail, send SMS.

Class365 is more than just a CRM. Class365 makes the whole company management automatic.

Step 1. Registration in Class365 and UniSender

To start using the integration module, register in the Class365 and UniSender services. 

Step 2. UniSender setup in Class365

  1. Setup the UniSender integration with Class365 on the CRM page in Campaigns section.
  2. Copy the API access key from UniSender (in  UniSender: Account settings page, Integration and API tab).
  3. Note that the current API status must be set in mode ON.
  4. Sender’s еmail is the same as the one you’ve entered during the registration in the UniSender. You can enter any email or SMS sender’s name.
  5. To make sure that all the data is correct, press the Check connection button. In case the key and email don’t match, you will get a system error. If there is no error, save the settings.

Step 3. Getting contacts ready for the campaign

  1. On the CRM page, section Campaign list, press Add to create a new contact list. Every list can be used many times for email or SMS campaign. Number of addresses and phone numbers is not limited.
  2. It is possible both to create new contacts and to import emails and phone numbers from the contractors’ profiles. You can add contractors in two ways:

- From the form ‘Contact list for campaigns’ by clicking Add contractors;

- On the page Reference in the Contractors section by marking the contractors added in the campaigns list and selecting the option Add to campaign list.

Note! UniSender rules for spam protection in the email campaigns.

Every added email will shortly get an invitation to receive campaign messages from you. The recipient must confirm their wish to receive emails from you by clicking the special link in the invitation. After this, contractor’s status will be changed to Active in the campaign contact list.

In order to setup or edit the Campaign invitation, click on ‘Setup the campaign invitation’ in the campaign contact list in the mode of creating a new document or editing.

Important! UniSender rules for spam protection in the SMS campaigns

  1. Only legal entities are allowed to hold SMS campaigns.
  2. In order to get the permission to hold SMS campaigns from UniSender, a legal entity must make a minimum payment transfer (starting from 10 RUB) to the UniSender account.

Step 4. Creating a new email or SMS campaign

  1. You can create a new campaign by clicking the Add button in the CRM section on the Campaigns page. All the fields in the new campaign form are mandatory.
  2. Select the contacts list for your campaign. After this you will see the number of active contacts on the right, and they will actually receive the campaign message.

Step 5. Campaign report

Click on the created campaign to get the report.

The report contains both the number of sent and delivered and read emails, as well as click-through rate of these emails.

Depending on the contacts quantity, campaign can take up from several minutes to several hours and more. In the top right corner of the report the current campaign status is displayed, and this gives an additional instrument of control.

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