UniSender integration with SugarCRM

SugarCRM integration module is designed for fast and simple contacts transfer from the CRM system into UniSender, as well as for SMS messaging in one click. The module features:

  • transfer of existing contacts from SugarCRM to UniSender campaign list;
  • new contact to SugarCRM will be automatically added to UniSender campaign list;
  • SMS messages can be sent via UniSender for any selected field containing phone number of any SugarCRM module.

Installation and setup

  1. Authorize access to your UniSender account via API (by selecting API mode ‘ON’ in your Profile);
  2. Create a campaign list for integration with SugarCRM, where the existing contacts will be transferred. If you need to have a separate list to add new contacts (for example, to include them into a greeting message campaign), create another list;
  3. Upload and install the module in SugarCRM.

Module setup:

  1. Select the Administration section in SugarCRM; the module has its own settings menu;
  2. Enter API access key to your UniSender account;
  3. Select UniSender campaign lists to transfer the existing contacts and add the new ones. Also enter sender identifier for SMS campaigns;
  4. Select SugarCRM modules and fields to integrate for SMS campaigns.

Module usage:

  1. Transfer your existing contacts to UniSender from the Administration section.
  2. Create a new contact. Its information will be added to the appropriate UniSender campaign list.
  3. From any module where you have selected integration with SMS campaigns, send SMS messages from DetailView (contact profile) or ListView (contact list), including the bulk actions.

Compatibility and support

This module was developed for the latest stable version SugarCRM 6.2.x. Improvement will continue for subsequent stable versions of SugarCRM.

The module is available free of charge. Technical support, assistance with installation and improvements are provided by the module’s developer, 800-CRM.RU.

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